Full Stack Python Course

We know that there is more demand on the market for the status of “AS in programming” and we thought of presenting you how you can become one!

We prepared for you a special Full stack Python program this summer, consisting of a set of online courses that you can take with a professional in the field but also a package of e-learning courses to support you in consolidating your knowledge. This concept of “Fullstack” means to know and use several technologies and databases from front-end development to back-end development.

Now this is understandable why it is so sought after by all employers: a single employee who has the knowledge behind him as a whole team dealing with front-end and back-end prepared so well that he is able to carry any project through to the end. And now you can choose to become a specialist on one of the components of the full stack package that we make available.

We also want to present what the future holds for you: you will learn at least 4-5 programming languages / frameworks: HTML 5, CSS and Bootstrap, JavaScript, Java Querry, Angular, Python, Django / Flask, Mongo DB, REST APIs , Selenium / BDD, GIT, Scrum, Agile & Jasmine, Docker, Jenkins, AWS and Microservices. You will learn them all and in addition, you will also receive from us the E-learning version so that after finishing the program, you will have all the information you learned at your disposal at all the times.

Program structure:

CredentialCoverage ApplicationExpres
Mentor/Expert Coverage BreackdownPackage
E-learning VersionPrice
UI SpecialistHTML 5, CSS and Bootstrap16UI Expert40HTML5/CSS3 with BootStrap250
UX SpecialistJavaScript, Java Querry, Angular24JavaScript, Beginning JavaScript jQuery, Getting Started with Angular
Back end EngineerPython24Core Tech/Framework Expert72Learning Python450
Framework SpecialistDjango/Flask32Learning Django Web Development, Learning Flask
DB SpecialistMongo DB16Learning MongoDB
Integration EngineerREST APIs, Selenium/BDD16DevOps/Deplyment Expert64REST APIs with Flask Python, Learning Selenium Testing Tools, Rest Api Automation Rest Assured Serenity Bdd Framework400
Agile EngineerGIT, Scrum, Agile & Jasmine24Learning Git, Agile Scrum Training, Nunit & Jasmine: Beyond the basics
DevOps EngineerDocker, Jenkins, AWS and Microservices24Beginning Docker, Deploying Jenkins to the Cloud with DevOps Tools, AWS Certified Developer Associate, Building Microservices on AWS
ProjectProject4040Data Visualization Projects in Python250
Discount full999


Start Time

12:00 am

July 16, 2020

Finish Time

12:00 am

August 31, 2020

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