IIHT Certified Security Associate

About Security

Informaon is a strategic resource. IT Security give us the state of being free from danger or threat and is
designed with an objecve of idenfying, classifying and structuring informaon. The design also
includes several security models which consists of:
· Confidenality
· Integrity
· Availability
IT Security is the defense of digital informaon and IT assets against internal and external, malicious and
accidental threats. The defense includes detecon, prevenon and response to threats through the use of
security policies, soware tools and IT services.

IT Security is necessary for the following reasons:

· To take care of the Confidenality, Integrity and availability of an organizaon.
· To Idenfy, Classify and Structure the informaon.
· To avoid direct threats of e-commerce, mobile based transacons, online fraud, credit card fraud,
SIM card swiping and social engineering.
· To prevent Cyber aacks.
· To block unknown access to the informaon.
· To prevent informaon leakage and loss.
· To deliver informaon to the right person.

Why IIHT Certified Security Associate

IIHT Program is purely designed to fit into job role of IT Security industry. The roles are categorized as L1, L2,
L3 & L4. This parcular course is designed to develop professionals for both L1 & L2 roles. However the
industry offers only ‘L1’ job to fresher’s.
The role of ‘L1’ involves majorly:
1. Security Fundamentals
2. Basic Security Administraon
3. Cyber Security Incident Log
4. Use of Scanners and carry out vulnerability tests
5. Updates & Security Patches


Rationale for the IIHT Certified Security Associate

 IT security is the defence of digital informaon on IT assets against internal and external, malicious and
accidental threats.

 The program IIHT Certified Security Associate is designed to take care of the Confidentiality, Integrity
and availability of an organization.

 The program is designed to equip learners with program specific skills in the following domains –
Network Fundamentals, Server Infrastructure, Operang System, Desktop Security, Network Security,
Intrusion Detecon & Prevenon System and Anvirus Management.

 The program is designed to enrich learner’s knowledge on the evoluon, importance, security concepts,
idenfying informaon security devices.

 The program will facilitate learners in enriching not only the technical skills such as installing, configuring
& troubleshoong informaon security devices, but also so skills required of working environment for
Informaon Security.

 The program is designed to teach learners how to secure desktop environment , server environment,
data plane protecon & networks. It also explains about Firewall auding tools & Encrypon

 The program is designed to equip learners with the following technical skills: configuring, deploying,
implemenng & managing IDS.

 The program helps learners in developing knowledge on IPS technologies, IDPS Product Selecon
Analysis, performing virus scan, configuring log sources, log generaon, log storage & disposal.

A fresher would have generally no clue on IT security. Hence we advise a fresher to take up foundaon
program as given in this brochure.

The student apart from learning the skills meant to be an L1 IT security professional also learns:
 Securing Desktop
 Securing Enterprise OS
 Securing Servers
 Network Security (Both Hardware & Soware Firewalling)
 Securing Data
 Intrusion Detecon & Prevenon
 Anvirus Management

Thus this is world’s unique IT Security Program teaching a student job specific & comprehensive Security


Basic skills required
 Computer Hardware and soware fundamentals
 Knowledge on operang system, Internet and web browsers
 Windows desktop environment – installing, configuring & managing network devices
 Basic Linux commands
 Network Fundamentals – implemenng & troubleshoong knowledge on Ethernet
LANs, WANs, addressing & sub netng IP versions
 Server Infrastructure – Windows Server basics including installing & managing
Windows Server, infrastructure services, PowerShell& Basics of Hyper-V
 Storage administraon
 Cloud Compung Basics – understanding business & technical perspecves of Cloud Compung

Foundational subjects
 Computer fundamentals
 Windows Desktop
 Linux Desktop
 Network Fundamentals
 Sever Infrastructure
 Storage Essenals
 Cloud Compung

Course Outline

Informaon Security Studies
Managing Desktop Security
Intrusion Detecon & Prevenon
System – IDPS
Managing Server Security
Network Security Management
Anvirus Management

Job Roles

Informaon System Security Professional
Desktop Support Engineer
Intrusion Detecon Security Engineer
Network Security Engineer
Network Security Analyst
Anvirus Security Administrator



Start Time

11:28 am

April 15, 2021

Finish Time

11:28 am

April 15, 2021

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