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Ioana D.

„The course has achieved its goal. The teacher was excellent.”


Claudiu C.

„ Pleasant experience, I learned more things than I expected. A great course, quite different, many practical applications. It would take several sessions for deepening, but the course certainly reached its goal.”


Alex D.

„ I liked the fact that many times, the expletives were from “real life”, which led to an easier understanding of the taught subject.”


Adrian B.

„In a system where no one says much for many reasons, to my surprise I saw that negative feedback can turn into a constructive critique.”


Claudia U.

„Interactive technical course, beautifully illustrated with practical activities. Explanations accompanied by practical examples.”


Sorin A.

„The course was very beneficial, well structured, and very meticulously explained. It is very important that besides the theoretical part, the equipment should be visited and explained by a person with the necessary experience in the field.”

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