32″ – 86″

Outdoor Smart Kiosk

Our smart interactive ‘outdoor’ kiosk is specifically made to order, can feature a single or dual screen and comes in many different screen sizes. It comes with a 1.5mm steel plate with powder coating, a 6mm toughened glass front panel and standard with a 32″ touch screen as well as left & right speakers. The solid pedestal can be fixed on the ground via 4 mount holes, and has a backside door with handle and lock for easy access and safe closure.

  • Higher screen intensity
  • Dust, water resistant
  • Built-in air-flow & cooling through upper and lower fan trays
  • Optional wireless antenna, high resolution camera, mcirophone and 4G communication module, thermal printer and more
  • Sizes available from 32″ up to 84″ in portrait orientation

These kiosks have many application areas, such as:

  • Tourist information and interactive maps
  • Shopping info and product catalog
  • Access control and registration
  • Public transport information
  • Remote monitoring and supervision
  • Publicity and much more