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Through our varied portfolio of services and our distribution agreements we have with our global suppliers from the IT and communication industry we strongly believe that we are the company that offers groundbreaking solutions for our partners in different industries.

Our partnerships – a lot of them being exclusive in Romania or around the region – allow us to offer:


Smart-kiosk solutions,

with preinstalled applications or applications that can be installed later-on, offer a high level of interactivity for your clients. Deliverable in a flexible configuration and permitting options depending on the desired application, smart-kiosks have a wide applicability in vast industries: shops, malls, galleries and exhibitions, hotels, restaurants, airports, train stations, bus stations, etc.

Interactive boards

with a wide screen which allow displaying, modifying and saving content, as well as sharing with others through direct touch or a smart marker on the screen. Beside, the whiteboard function or interactive sharing, thanks to the connectivity, it can be used as a videoconference system, TV or a simple device to play videos on.